Alvin Pagdanganan Gregorio
State Capitol, State Flower, State Gardener
For this piece, Gregorio planted Columbine seeds in the flower bed of the State Capitol. As the state flower, it is protected from being removed or destroyed without written consent of the owner. In this case, the owners are the citizens of Colorado. Come Spring, Gregorio believes that the Columbines within the flower bed will be allowed to flourish due to the fact that they will sprout within allocated boundaries.

As an experiment and in contrast, Gregorio also planted the seeds randomly throughout the property in inappropriate locations. In the Spring, the state gardeners will have to make the decision whether to follow the law or to remove the interloping flowers. This piece attempts to stimulate conversations of speciesism/racism, and how rules/laws are bent/disregarded to serve one's personal agendas, desires and beliefs.
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