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40 hours is a collaborative project between Alvin P. Gregorio and forty members of Denver's art community. The project was introduced on October 27, 2012 at the opening of Material Engagements (curated by Harmony Hammond for RedLine in Denver, CO) and unfolded over the duration of the exhibition.

At the opening reception, Gregorio solicited forty viewers to schedule one-hour appointments. Prior to the appointment Gregorio asked the viewer-collaborator to formulate an action for him to accomplish during the hour. He attempted to fulfill each request. Over the course of the exhibition (October 27 - December 30), a single photo of each of the forty appointments was presented on a blog and in a simple binder at RedLine.

This project asked the artist, viewer-collaborator and audience to investigate time, interactions, requests and relationships as tangible material that can be sculpted, manicured, cultivated, exploited, ignored and/or denied.

The blog can be accessed here: click