Alvin Pagdanganan Gregorio
trophies for soldiersteaching clock(w/ audio)flying tortoises-on the wings of ages(remix)the spirit of the green flamedebt row, welcome to karmavilletogether we grow. up, up and away!subtract! subtract! subtract!the long way homepilot to co-pilotsangha-shipfor lifelionizationsafe house3 prayersflip*linelapu-lapu/groonthe gathering/many paths to the same destinationilaw(light)right thoughtthe twinsdiamond eyestulog na(sleepy time)whirly huffwhirly wreathgift from aboveno place like homehardhat protect the domethe hcdown filledsee furtherbalikbayan, bayan kobon voyage, call me when you get therecircus freakskapayapaanwelcome to ain't the boss of mehowcouldyouhaveknownanobangproblemadito (what'stheproblemhere?)apostlypse nowthe last mcsupperr.i.p.l.a. flippersline of firepeanut butter boyhands downpost*proelia*proemiathe bottledeath defyingPope Pious the Pissedviva mkNOWOHSOHAPPYUntitled(Sleepwalker's Ritual 2.0)grave digga'brasknuckles, butterflies, and a balloonsleepwalker's ritualheart drawersitoangbayanko(thisiswhereilive)inside outsidedirty lungspitting frogrice cooker paradel.a. riotslittle turquoise riding hoodluneta circusmummyst. joan of arc patiently awaits a reply to her text messagevoodoeratbp(etc.)
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