Alvin Pagdanganan Gregorio
Secret Weapons and Obvious SurprisesIt's a gift (Amendment 64)it's time to go homeat the intersection of reality and fantasyThe Art of Denying Greener Grass The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen, I’m Gonna Write My Name On It…  (detail)The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen, I’m Gonna Write My Name On It…  Sometimes All It Takes Is One Big Bang Little Prairie (Falcon) On the House so much better than I could ever dotalusi meets lolo's tsinelasabandonment with its hope dangling on a stringcompliments of the big bangright intention
(w/ Rachel Machovec)right concentrationright effortright actionright mindfulnessright speechuntitled (pinecones)Suck Itmute all the monologueHad some problems before, but see we let ‘em go… swaddlespectrum thoughtsuntitleduntitledDTD billboard project, 15th & Champa, Denver, COcollaboration w/ J Garcia for STS9 at Red RocksdeFace
install detail at VERTIGO, collaboration w/ donald fodnessuntitled, collaboration w/ donald fodnessVERTIGO install detail, w/ amber brittonfuture sheepherder of the rockiesuntitled
w/ christie ginannibeasts of burdenan eagle for a shield, a shield for an eagleboomerangin' through history and generationsin the house of your tomorrowinfinite beings of a single spiritinterconnectivity
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